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Derek Shacklett

Derek Shacklett

Derek Shacklett doesn’t really know who he is anymore. He used to be a singer/songwriter/worship leader (cheerleader)/recording artist/Bible college graduate. Then he was more of a producer/musician/recording engineer/music coordinator. For awhile, he was more of starving artist/piano-mover/music teacher/recording studio partner/coffee house performer/rock star chauffeur/tiny church leader.

After 13 years of being husband to Holly, he suddenly received a new title of “Daddy” from his daughter, Ivy. With the act of procreation came the responsibility to forsake the starving artist title to provide for his little family and he took on the title of middle school teacher.  As a teacher of 7th and 8th graders for the last 7 years, he’s taught Math, Pre-Algebra, Literacy, Arkansas History, Geography, World History, Tech Tools and Drama. Little Lucy also now calls him Daddy. She made it even easier for Derek to adjust to the title of semi-retired singer/songwriter/performer.

Finally, he found his way to Vintage Fellowship where he proudly accepts the label of co-journer/music curator/band leader/husband/daddy/friend. Most recently, his focus has been learning cover songs for his new endeavor as dueling piano player.  He’s definitely a lover of novels, movies, great TV and stories in general.  He enjoys his girls, music, biking, frisbee, hacky sack, comic books, video games, Android devices and Chromebooks.  Unfortunately, the personality trait to nearly always trump his perfectionism is his laziness.  It’s the absolute worst combination.  The worst.