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Vanessa Ryerse

Vanessa Ryerse

Vanessa has been amused and amazed by Robb for over 20 years now. Together they have had many adventures, not the least of which have been parenting, pastoring and church planting.  She has been an enthusiastic participant in buying and selling second-hand treasures, repurposing and thrifting since she had her first babysitting money.

The idea of redeeming the broken, unexpected and unwanted weaves in and out of her ideas about church, as well as her cottage industry of making broken china mosaic art (which she sells at Heartwood Gallery in Fayetteville as well as in various local craft shows and online via Etsy).  So far, one of the few things she hasn’t been able to figure out how to use is her degree in English Education, though her concurrent major in Bible has been pretty helpful.

Her other interests lie in creating environments where people can be themselves and do what they care most about as participants in the community.  Sometimes that just means she makes sure that coffee is made.  Her favorite way to interact is one on one or in a small circle of conversation over really good food.  Feel free to ask about how she super-glued her eyes shut back in college.

It’s her best story.