An Authentic, Creative, Experimental Community

Our Story

Vintage Fellowship began in September 2006 with the dream of being a different kind of church.

We want to be a place where everyone is welcomed, where people feel free to express their doubts and struggles, where all can experience the hope that comes in the grace of God and the love of friends.

For our first year, we gathered for worship in a movie theater. We spent our second year meeting in a run-down club, lovingly called “the dirty church” by some of our kids. Finally, in 2009, we moved into a more permanent space in the Scott Plaza in Fayetteville. We’ve since outgrown that location and are currently looking for a new meeting space.

Since we launched, we’ve tried to be a community that serves Northwest Arkansas. We’ve been known to do creative service projects – reducing the price of gas at local gas stations, delivering donuts on Sunday mornings to other churches or bagel packs to local businesses, planting trees, even cleaning bathrooms at fast food restaurants.

But Vintage isn’t about its building or programs. We’ve always tried to be a community that is focused on people. And that means that things at Vintage are often messy and imperfect, sometimes chaotic, but always hopeful.

We like to say that we’re a church for anybody, but we’re not the church for everybody. We know that not everyone is going to click with how we do things, but, as best we can, we want to offer people the chance to experience the kind of gentle grace that transforms our lives over the long haul.