An Authentic, Creative, Experimental Community

Our Values

Truth Transforms – We will teach the Bible in a life-changing way.

Though the concept of truth has all but gone by the wayside in contemporary culture, we still cling to the ancient belief that truth exists and matters. In fact, we believe that truth can be found in the person of Jesus Christ, to whom the Bible bears witness. Because of this, we will endeavor in a clear and compelling way to show people how the Bible connects with their lives and how what a person believes matters in their choices and actions. Everything we do at Vintage is an overflow of what we believe about the God revealed in the Bible and the world God has placed us in.

Grace Happens – We think that life is best lived when God’s grace is gratefully recognized and lavishly extended.

People get beat up in just about every area of life. From work to home, from parenting to friendships, it seems that life can be an endless cycle of headaches. And, to make matters worse, we live in a world full of terror, disease, and pain. We don’t think church should sugar-coat these realities, telling people that they are ok and everything is just fine. Rather, we believe that church ought to be a community in which people can face the ugliness of life together. Furthermore, instead of always seeking out the bad, we think church ought to offer people hope by showcasing the beautiful, the good, and the glorious. Grace happens, and so does the other stuff. The focus of Vintage is on the grace.

Things Change – We adapt to an ever-changing culture so that more lives can be changed by truth and grace.

Hardwired into the DNA of Vintage is the realization that things change. Culture changes, language changes, and people change. And, for the unchanging love of Jesus Christ to be most effectively communicated, churches need to change their methods and programs. With the passion and skill of missionaries, we will seek to connect the grace and truth of Jesus Christ with America’s emerging culture.

Love Wins – Because people matter, we believe that the best way to reach them for Jesus is through relationships.

People, made in the image of a triune God, were created for community. We long to know others and to be known by them. Vintage  seeks to offer people a community of friendships within which they can come to find the greatest friendship of all – one with God through Jesus Christ. Other churches in other times have taken a less relational approach to getting out the news of Jesus, but we believe that people in our day and age don’t want more brochures and trite answers. Rather, they long for authentic connection with people and with God. We  foster the kind of community for which people are longing.

Leaders Lead – We want to release a generation of spiritual leaders for the church.

Every follower of Jesus Christ is expected by him to influence the people around them. We want to help people do that by providing them with both the training and opportunity to have a real impact in their world. Rather than bottling spiritual leadership in a few professional ministers, we want to infiltrate the world with Christ-followers who want to make a difference for him.

Grow Small – We recognize that spiritual growth happens best in the context of a group of friends.

We need each other. The Christian life cannot be lived alone. And so, Vintage will be a church of friendship where caring, loving, teaching communities emerge in which people can develop and deepen their faith in Jesus Christ. Every person who becomes a part of Vintage will be encouraged to belong to an Experimental Collective.