An Authentic, Creative, Experimental Community

Our Vision

Because of Jesus’ grace in our lives, we at Vintage Fellowship belong to him and each other, becoming more like him, so that we can behave like he would, helping others to believe in him too.

BecauseVintage exists to make known God’s fame and glory.

Worship is a huge part of Vintage Fellowship. We utilize an eclectic mix of ancient and contemporary methods to help people find an authentic relationship with God in the context of loving relationships with other people. We place a high premium on creative worship experiences that can bolster the communication of truth in a relevant way, incorporating not just music, but also the arts, drama, silence, film, history.

BelongVintage exists to make people feel accepted in a loving community.

It is impossible to be a Christian alone, void of relationships with others. Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto. At Vintage, we recognize that people were created for relationships, for fellowship, for a sense of belonging. And so, we have structured Vintage around an innovative approach to small groups that we call Experimental Collectives, in which each participant is encouraged to dive deep in the grace-filled pool of relationships.

BecomingVintage exists to make more fully-devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.

None of us has arrived at the destination of godliness. We’re all cojourners on the path, trying to be like Jesus and follow in his footsteps. At Vintage, we help people follow Jesus by teaching them his truth and helping them to process all of their life experiences through its lens.

BehaveVintage exists to make abundant God’s love by meeting the needs of people.

Most people don’t merely care if we are right; they care if we are good. Vintage is trying to mobilize each and every person in our community to serve God and others in the areas of their personal passion.

BelieveVintage exists to make a difference in people’s lives.

Our faith is meant to be shared, not stored away. We encourage people to live out their life mission in the world. Additionally, we offer opportunities for people to put their love for Jesus into action by serving others.