An Authentic, Creative, Experimental Community

Vintage Groups

At Vintage, we don’t have a traditional small group ministry. Instead we conduct a series of Experimental Collectives that meet for 5 weeks at a time during the course of the year. In these ExCos, we experiment together with some aspect of what living in the way of Jesus looks like. These Experimental Collectives revolve around five key areas:

  • Authenticity: Jesus invites me to be who I really am
  • Simplicity: Jesus invites me to live differently in regard to my money, stuff, and time
  • Purpose: Jesus invites me to see the needs that exist in the world around me
  • Freedom: Jesus invites me to be liberated from my sin and unhealthy habits
  • Community: Jesus invites me to be in relationships with others

Our ExCos are focused on doing, not just knowing. They are action-oriented. Everyone who is willing to try to put the teachings of Jesus into practice is welcome to join an Experimental Collective. You can email us here to find out what ExCos are currently being conducted.