An Authentic, Creative, Experimental Community


In the vast chorus of voices surrounding us, Lord, all too often the only we hear is our own.

Too harried onward by our next task to accomplish, we fail to notice the call for justice, the cry for help, the hopeful smile. Our neighors we view strangely and as strangers.

But better fences don’t make better neighbors. Better love does.

So let us take upon ourselves the calling of your greatest commandments.

Let us love you.

Let us know and understand and love others.

And let us recognize that those are and the same.

Vintage, go in peace.


The word inside the Word is love.

You called us, Jesus, to love our neighbors as ourselves. So thank you, for Adnan, our neighbor, for his message of mutual respect and empathy. Thank you for this opportunity to get to know him better and to gain a glimpse into what life as Muslim in America is like.

So let us – as a church – make him feel more welcomed in our community and to help his kids live lives free from the overhanging cloud of worry so present in these days.

And remind us, with every breath, that the word inside the Word is love.

Vintage, go in peace.